If you write screenplays for a living, your audience, for the most part, will consist of two or three executives in a room who will hear your pitch. Most pitches don’t become commissioned screenplays, and most commissioned screenplays don’t become movies.

That same math (actually much worse) applies to spec screenplays that writers write, hoping their movie will someday get made.

With that in mind, I fished out three old screenplays from the bottom of my closet; two written on spec and one for hire. I post them here because they don’t entirely suck. And because I want to give them a chance to stretch their legs, stroll around the block, and perhaps be seen by more than two or three people.

The Adventures of Johnny Doo Da

My first job in show business was for a trailer cutter during the summer after my sophomore year in college. His name was Michael Spolan. I showed up for my interview in a jacket, tie and trench coat. He wore running shorts and a tee shirt. He was the coolest adult I...

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Apartment Living

While I was away at college, my summer boss, Michael Spolan, had cut the trailer for George Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead. After I graduated and started working for Michael full-time, George hired him back to cut the trailer for his next movie, Knightriders. If you...

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I don’t have a name-dropping, biz-centric story about this screenplay. I just kind of liked it. It’s the story of a boy with weight issues who gets trapped in a virtual reality suit and whose only way out is to win the game inside. This was yet another spec screenplay...

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