Here are some short pieces that, like the screenplays in my closet, could use just a little time in the sun.


PETER   “I’m calling about someone who was just brought in there. Peter Bergstrom.” The nurse was checking while I waited. Then: “Yes, I do have a Peter Bergstrom.” “Is he okay?” “I’m sorry, we can only give information to family members.” This wasn’t going to...

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The Rock and the Stream

So I was 28 years old. Sitting in the Connecticut living room of my best friend, Michele. A woman I dated for 3 years in college and who has now officially become my sister. And I was lamenting to her my membership in a spiritual group, which shall go unnamed, and...

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The Window And The Tree

THE WINDOW AND THE TREE As a Jewish, suburban, shy, physically and emotionally awkward teenager, my romantic prospects could be summed up in a short incident: One afternoon in my junior year, in some distant corner hallway on my high school, I chanced upon Billy B and...

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